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FAQ: Should Crown Moulding Be Painted The Same Color as the Ceiling?

When it comes to choosing or updating your crown moulding, you have a lot of decisions to make. From style to placement, you also may be wondering what color your crown moulding should be. Should your moulding be the same color as your ceiling? Or should it be painted in a contrasting or neutral color, like white or cream? Luckily, our design experts at The Moulding Company are here to help you!

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Choosing Your Colors

At the end of the day, the color of your crown moulding, ceiling, and walls are all your personal preference. Designers and experts can suggest some optimal colors that work best for your space, but ultimately it’s your choice.

Most of the time, you’ll see crown moulding match (or very closely match) a ceiling color, but if the room is already small, this can make your room feel very “weighted” down and uncomfortable. Since moulding usually comes in bright white by default, you may be in luck if your ceiling is already white or off-white. Having slightly different versions of the same color can help to lighten up the space without having to do much painting work.

What Color is Your Trim?

If you’re adding crown moulding to a room for the first time, you may already have baseboard trim laid out and finished. We highly recommend painting your crown moulding to match your existing trim as closely as possible for a cohesive and finished look.

For example, if your baseboard trim is a light gray color, use the same shade for your crown moulding. The same advice goes for the trim around your doorways. If you don’t like the “matchy” look, consider painting your walls or trim to contrast with each other for a bolder aesthetic statement.

What Color is Your Ceiling?

Maybe you don’t have the budget or willpower to repaint your ceiling—that’s okay! If it’s already painted a shade you like and you don’t want to go through the hassle of repainting it, try looking for a similar tone to paint your moulding. Painting new crown moulding is much easier than redoing all of your ceilings. (Of course, we have lots of great ideas for creatively updating ceilings, if you’re feeling ambitious!)

Still Not Sure Which Crown Moulding Color is Best?

That’s okay! We’re here to help. Our design experts at The Moulding Company know that the details in your home’s interior can make or break a room. And they understand that you may feel a little overwhelmed in making just the right color choices. We’ll help you narrow down those choices and pick the best crown moulding for your home.

Just reach out to us here at The Moulding Company to start your next interior remodeling project!