Should My Crown Moulding Be Painted the Same Color as the Ceiling?

Should My Crown Moulding Be Painted the Same Color as the Ceiling?

When it comes to choosing or updating your crown moulding, you have a lot of decisions to make. Several factors go into achieving the look you want, from style to placement. Color is one of the most essential parts of making a home seem inviting, so you may also wonder what color your ceiling moulding should be.

Do you want your crown moulding to be the same color as your ceiling? Or should it be painted in a contrasting or neutral color, like white or cream?

All these details can seem overwhelming, but our design experts at The Moulding Company are here to help you! We have helped hundreds of customers over the years choose suitable moulding for their homes, color included. When you have questions about your trim, we have answers, and one of our most frequently heard questions is, “should my crown moulding be painted the same color as the ceiling?” Let us walk you through our answer.

Do You Know What Material Your Trim Is?

Before we can dive into talking about the best color for your trim, we must first go over other factors that can contribute to what colors it should be. Many trim options come painted a stark white anyway, but some of our wooden trims come in their natural color. A natural wood crown is beautiful, and depending on the type of wood, you may choose to highlight the color of the wood instead of altering its appearance.

The material you choose for your trim may also help or hinder you in the painting process. Some materials take to paint much better than others, so that should be a consideration when you are choosing to paint your trim or not.

Where Is Your Crown Moulding Placed?

An image of wooden ceiling moulding.This question might seem self-explanatory—after all, ceiling moulding is obviously on the ceiling, right? But in which room you put your ceiling moulding can determine what colors you may use. Wood moulding might look perfect in a sunny room with lots of plants, but white paint might suit that same moulding better in a bedroom. The location of the trim can help you decide what color you want to paint it.

Ceiling height is another consideration. If your crown moulding is going into a room with high ceilings, you may want it to be the same color as the ceiling to make the room appear smaller. The opposite is valid for a room with low ceilings, as a trim in a contrasting color will make the room appear more spacious.

What Kind of Crown Moulding Do You Have?

The crown molding style influences its look with different color choices. A Victorian-style crown moulding in dining rooms will look more sophisticated with a plain or natural wooden color. A more modern crown moulding lends itself to more unique colors, as a modern-style home is much more likely to have exciting colors anyway.

If you have different types of ceiling moulding for each room or section of your home, you may want your moulding to match the look of the individual rooms instead of planning for one color throughout the house. However, many homes have the same trim type throughout, so consider the molding style before you make concrete color choices.

Choosing Your Colors

Finally, after you’ve identified the type, material, and location of your crown moulding, you get to choose your colors. While you may have come here for specific tips, we at The Moulding Company want you to know that at the end of the day, the color of your crown moulding, ceiling, and walls are all up to you and your preference. Designers and experts can suggest some optimal colors that work best for your space, but ultimately, it’s your choice.

You’ll often see crown moulding that either matches or is very close to an existing ceiling color. Since painted ceiling crown moulding usually comes in bright white by default, you may be in luck if your ceiling is already white or off-white.

As we mentioned before, if the room is already tiny, though, this color choice can make your space appear smaller, “weighted down,” and somewhat uncomfortable. Having slightly different versions of the same color can help lighten up the room and make it appear larger without much work.

What Color is Your Trim?

An image of a person installing white ceiling trim.What you do with your crown moudling might have influences from the other types of trim you have throughout your home.

If you’re adding crown moulding to a room for the first time, you may already have baseboard trim laid out and finished. When your ceiling moulding is in a room that already has baseboard trim, you might want to choose a color that complements the baseboard to keep the room’s look clean and cohesive. Or, if you have a white chair rail in your living room, you might want to match that with the ceiling crown moulding.

Another example is if your baseboard trim is a light gray color, then use the same shade for your crown moulding. The same advice goes for the trim around your doorways.

If you don’t like things to match too closely, consider painting your walls or trim to contrast with each other for a bolder aesthetic statement.

If you update existing trim in your home, you may decide that the color story that best fits your baseboard and ceiling moulding trim is more contrasting than complementary. Choose a dramatically different color of you are looking for something that will give the room more contrast and draw the eye to a specific part of the room.

What Color is Your Ceiling?

Maybe you don’t have the budget or willpower to repaint your ceiling, and that’s okay! If it’s already painted a shade you like and you don’t want to go through the hassle of repainting it, try looking for a similar tone to paint your moulding. It’s much easier and far less time-consuming to paint the crown moulding than redoing all your ceilings.

Of course, we have lots of great ideas for creatively updating ceilings if you’re feeling ambitious and want another home improvement project!

Still Not Sure Which Crown Moulding Color is Best?

It can be challenging to pinpoint what color you want to paint your ceiling moulding and trim, but you are not alone in the decision-making process! Our design experts at The Moulding Company know that the details in your home’s interior can make or break a room. We’ll help you narrow down those choices and pick the best crown moulding for your home and what you envision. Please feel free to reach out to us today!