Dining Room Ideas

Dining Room Ideas

When you’re cooking a family meal, every recipe calls for some kind of spice. Salt, pepper, paprika, etc., are a few common choices—but your food isn’t the only thing that can be spiced up.

If your dining room décor is bumming out your meals, kick it up a notch with some easy renovations. Adding style and class to your dining space doesn’t have to be difficult. At The Moulding Company, we want to help inspire you and make your decorating ideas sizzle. Here are a few tips and decorating ideas to really add some flavor and flare to your dining space.

Create a Focal Wall

Focal or accent walls are a great way to tie a space together or brighten it up without redoing the entire area. If you’re not looking to completely overhaul your entire dining space, there are a few things you can do to create a tantalizing focal wall.

Adding a pop of color to one wall is a great way to create a focal point on a budget. We recommend not just choosing any old color to slap on any random wall, but see where the natural focal point of the room is (or where your eye is naturally drawn) and go with a bold color that complements the aesthetic of the rest of the space. If you don’t want to commit to painting or are living in an apartment, you can use temporary wallpaper to add that flare you’re looking for.

Add Visual Interest on the Ceiling with Shiplap

If you’re not being inspired by any dining room ideas, take a moment to look up. Most people forget that there’s a fifth wall you can decorate in your home—your ceiling! Typically, adding chandeliers or other fun lighting to your dining space is a go-to decorating idea, but we prefer something a little more subtle.

Shiplap is a type of wooden board that you commonly see used in barn or shed construction, but has recently gotten more popular for interior walls in the last few years. Adding shiplap to your ceiling is a fun decorating idea that will add so much interest to your dining room without too much work.

Lighting CenterpieceChoose a Lighting Centerpiece

Okay, we know that we just said we prefer shiplap on ceilings, but we do still agree that changing your lighting can add a nice focal point to your dining space. It’s typically a quick and easy one-day project that can completely transform a space.

If the typical, “fancy” chandelier isn’t at the top of your list for decorating ideas, know that there are many different options. Modern chandeliers and various types of pendant lighting can really be showstoppers, or even add a pop of color that will really brighten up the room and your mood during dinner.

Create a Finished Feel with Baseboards and Crown Moulding

Even if your dining room doesn’t always serve as a place to eat, you’re still going to want to make it an inviting space where you can gather with friends or even where the kids can do homework. One of our favorite ways to finish off a room is with baseboards and crown moulding.

With dozens of choices, adding baseboards or moulding gives you the option to be creative in a subtle way. You can be as decorative or as simple as you want, but either way, you’ll add a touch of elegance to your dining space. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, our experts here at The Moulding Company will be happy to help you make the best design choices!

Use Bold Curtains for Pops of Color

Not all of your decorating ideas have to break the bank. When you’re running short on dining room ideas and really just want a quick change, consider adding new curtains to the space.

While simple in application, bold curtains can really make an eye-catching statement in your room and define the space. Just make sure that you’re careful when measuring for the curtains and that you aim to hang them high. The higher application will create an illusion of having taller ceilings, making your room feel more spacious.

Light Fixture Over TableMaximize Your Use of Natural Light

Speaking of curtains and windows, is your dining room feeling a little dark and dreary? If so, you may not be maximizing the natural light that your home has. Even if your dining space doesn’t have windows, there are a few decorating ideas you can utilize in order to “fake” making your room brighter.

The first thing to do is make sure your curtains aren’t too dark and heavy so you can let in as much light as possible. Another great idea is to add mirrors or shinier surfaces to your space so that any available light reflects off of the objects and makes the room brighter.

Add an Accent Rug to Tie the Room Together

Hardwood floors are great and easy to clean, but having a cozy rug under your feet while you’re eating can really bring comfort and style to your space. Even if your dining room is carpeted, we suggest adding a nice accent rug under your dining table for a pop of color.

When you’re choosing the size of your rug, make sure you leave at least 18 inches of flooring around the edges of the room. You’ll also want the rug to comfortably be able to fit the table and all of your chairs on it while still having some breathing room.

Having so many dining room ideas can be overwhelming, but like we said before, not everything has to be that difficult. Here at The Moulding Company, we want to help you make unique design choices for your California home’s dining space that you’ll be happy with for years to come. Reach out to us with any questions, and to see how we can help today!