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A Look at the Benefits of Paneling

A Look at the Benefits of Paneling

If your walls are boring and flat, you have a few options for dressing them up. One is to install wood wall panels. Could this be the right choice for your home? Take a look at the benefits of paneling to help you decide.

Ease of Installation

One of the biggest reasons people postpone home improvement projects is because of the installation component. A home redesign tends to be tedious and time-consuming, or – if you’re hiring a professional to do it – expensive.

Fortunately, wall paneling doesn’t fit in this category. Tongue-and-groove designs and clipping systems make installation easier than assembling some children’s toys. All you need are the right dimensions and a little free time to mount the panels to your walls.

Material Choices

While traditional wall paneling is made of wood, it doesn’t have to be. Modern materials such as medium-density fiberboard and melamine are more durable and impact-resistant, making them suitable for high-traffic areas when scuffing and denting are likely to occur. Melamine is even moisture-resistant, allowing for installation in kitchens and bathrooms without fear of warping or rotting.

Protection for Your Walls

Paneling isn’t just decorative – by protecting your walls from damage, it also serves a functional purpose. Impact-resistant paneling is less likely to be dented, scratched or otherwise banged up. And when it does start showing signs of wear and tear, it’s easier to clean or replace a section of paneling than it is to repair drywall.

Flexible Design Choices

There are numerous ways to cover your walls with paneling. Reclaimed wood is a rustic option for creating an accent wall. Wainscoting adds character to the bottom half of the wall with beadboard or v-groove paneling. Board and batten paneling draws your eye upward with vertical boards, while shiplap serves as a horizontal wall treatment. You can paint or stain paneling any way you want to suit your design tastes.

Camoflague for Unattractive Features

Is your wall damaged or flawed? Do you have unsightly cords you want to hide? Wall paneling is the perfect option. You can even install it over rough or uneven surfaces. This means you can hide your old brick fireplace by covering it with elegant panels.

Improved Styling for a Custom Look

Wall paneling is associated with the upper class. Traditional Colonial and Georgian interiors often featured wood panels to indicate the owner’s wealth. This concept still holds true today, so if you’re looking for a way to improve the style and richness of your home without investing a lot, paneling is an excellent option.

These are just some of the benefits you can expect from wall paneling. If you’re ready to install this upgrade in your home, let The Moulding Company help. We have a knowledgeable design staff and nearly 50 years of experience to back us up. Visit one of our three showrooms in the San Francisco Bay Area to see wall paneling up close, or contact us today at (925) 798-7525 for a free quote on your upcoming project!