What Your Moulds Say About You

We’ve all seen the random quizzes floating around on the internet, silly things like “Choose a dog and find out what type of salad you are.” There’s all kinds of crazy stuff out there that is greatly entertaining but just isn’t that helpful (unless you’re looking for a distraction!). Well, here’s something in the same vein, but we can actually help you pick out what moulding would be best for your home based on your personality. Helpful, right? The Moulding Company in San Francisco is all about helping you when it comes to moulding, so check out our guesses below and tell us if we’re right.

Traditional and classic

If you tend to be more of a traditional person who likes a feel of authenticity and elegance, chances are you have or want one of these moulding features in your home:

  • Dentils – Dentils ring of antiquity and elegant simplicity. Typically inlaid in crown moulding or paired with chair railing, dentil moulding is made of small blocks evenly spaced in a row. It’s often found in classic, historic homes and can add a beautiful touch to any room.
  • Board and batten – Board and batten moulding helps cover the seam between paneling, whether interior or exterior, and harkens to older, simpler days. It is often simple and plain, but it can be adorned with subtle designs or cuts to make it unique.
  • Columns – Columns are a staple of judicial buildings and, of course, ancient Greek buildings and architecture. Interior columns bring this sense of grandeur, antiquity, and refinement to the inside of your home, and they can be a stunning feature to have in your living space—kind of like the centerpiece of a table, only for your living room.

Innovative and functional

If innovation and functionality are right up your alley, we’re guessing you would love some of these features for their practicality and utility:

  • Paneling – Paneling covers the bottom half of your walls to protect them from accidental damage, chairs, or children. Beyond being a good and practical solution to a common problem, paneling can also be charmingly designed to add more flourish to a room.
  • Picture rail moulding – Picture rail moulding is a neat trim type to have in your home. Instead of drilling or nailing holes your walls, the picture rail moulding comes with evenly spaced hooks, allowing you to hang pictures, artwork, and other décor simply without much hassle. You could use it in the entryway for art and keys, or even in the kitchen as a unique way to hold pots, pans, and utensils.
  • Chair rail moulding – Chair rail moulding is a simple strip of wood that goes around a room, not quite halfway up the wall. It was designed to keep furniture from scraping against walls so they don’t scratch paint or dent the wall if it gets scooted. Chair rail moulding is also an excellent way to divide different areas of a wall, such as dividing paint and wallpaper, two different colors of paint, or artwork from children’s reaches.

Stylish and flashy

If your style tends to be more unique, involved, or draws attention, we bet you’ll love these next features:

  • Pearl and bead moulding – Pearl moulding and bead moulding are two separate types of mould and trim, but they are similar in that their design involves the use of a row of symmetrical spheres. They add depth, texture, and charm to any space that they’re utilized in, and they tend to draw the eye to them. Pearl and bead moulding can both be accentuated with the use of leaves, branches, or swirls in the design, bringing an extra flair to your moulding.
  • Egg and dart moulding – This moulding is quite fantastic as far as moulding types go, and it is unique in that it lacks the level of subtlety that other moulds strive for. Egg and dart moulding uses oval or “egg”-shaped patterns alternated with sharp triangular designs to bring a classic but proud design into your home.

The results

Were we close to your personality and design sense? We hope it at least gave you some inspiration and ideas. Check out our other blog post “What Type of Architectural Style Are You?” for more. Whatever your results, come find the perfect moulding match for your personality at The Moulding Company. We craft moulding miracles. Call us today!