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Chair Rail

Everyone wants their home to reflect their personality, and aesthetics are some of the first things a guest will notice when entering the house. While moulding might not seem like a significant focal point, the way your trim looks can influence the overall feel of your space. When you know exactly what you’re looking for but can’t seem to find what you need to create the room of your dreams, that’s where custom moulding and millwork services from The Moulding Company come in!

Need a Little Something Extra?

We have worked with homeowners and contractors alike to develop creative solutions for all kinds of moulding and millwork needs, ranging from the simple to the complex. There is no limit to what we can make, whether that’s historical restorations of existing moulding or one-of-a-kind architectural moulding for a custom home. Our team can replicate any moulding to suit the design of a new home or match existing pieces in your remodel.

What About Flexible Moulding?

One of our more common custom requests comes from customers seeking help adding trim to an oddly shaped or curved space, which can be difficult with traditional hardwood moulding options. If this problem sounds familiar and you’re looking for moulding that works seamlessly around curved walls or archways, we have plenty of flexible moulding options that might be the perfect solution!

Flexible moulding is made from a polyurethane base that you can bend around tricky curves or molded to archways with tight radiuses. We can make it into any type of trim, from chair rail to crown moulding. Best of all, a flexible edge mimics the appearance of traditional wood moulding, creating a seamless look you’ll love.

Along with carrying flexible architectural mouldings in various patterns, we also provide the ability to special order any custom moulding profiles you may need to achieve the precise look you want. If you want to see our flexible moulding options in store, you can easily match the MC numbers with the SKU number you will find in person, as they are identical.

Please fill out our flexible moulding order form and forward it to your local store. Each pattern offers flexibility but does have limitations on how tight the radius it forms can be. Please contact us with questions before placing your flexible trim order.

What Are Some Benefits of Custom Moulding and Millwork Services?

When you work with The Moulding Company for your custom moulding and millwork services, there are a lot of benefits to be had! You’ll get to determine the species of wood and profiles you want, meaning you’ll have a good idea about the final cost.

If you need something adjusted to fit your budget better, we can work together to figure out a solution. Whether for a residential or a commercial building, choosing customization for your mouldings also means you benefit from a genuinely unique-to-you design in a space that you will love.

Do You Want More Information on Our Custom Moulding and Millwork Services?

At The Moulding Company, we have over 50 knowledgeable employees ready to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Contact us today or visit the showroom location nearest you to get started! We can’t wait to work on your custom moulding and millwork ideas.

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Custom Millwork Available

Do you need custom moulding for a project? If you are ready to talk about your project, stop in at one of our showrooms or give us a call today, and we can help! We can custom make any moulding in any wood species.

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Production lead time on custom millwork is typically two weeks! Bring your project details to one of our stores, and we can quickly work up a custom quote for you. Then, we'll get to work on your custom mouldings and millwork!

Custom Millwork

Flexible Moulding

We carry flexible moulding for various applications, including baseboards, crown moulding, doors and windows, and much more. Our flexible moulding options can even mimic the appearance of natural wood.

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