The Moulding Company has the Largest Selection of Wood Moulding in Sacramento, Santa Clara, San Francisco, Concord, and beyond.

If you’re a new homeowner, you may be itching to make the place your own with some new details and a few coats of paint. Or perhaps you are a long-term homeowner. In that case, it’s not unusual to get bored with the way a room in your home looks over time.

Either way, a few home improvement projects can give your space that refresh you crave without the expense of moving to a new place. Adding new or replacing the old wood moulding in your home can be a relatively easy way to instantly elevate the look of your home without breaking the bank, especially when you buy from The Moulding Company.

We’ve been helping homeowners in and around Sacramento with wood moulding for doors, windows, baseboards, and ceiling trim since we opened our first retail location in 1994. That’s nearly three decades of home improvement projects, superior customer service, and a commitment to the best home moulding solutions for any homeowner.

We have options for you when you are looking for everything from chair rail for your dining room to picture rails for an extra decorative touch in your guest bedroom! Come to a showroom near you today or visit our online shop and browse our expansive wood molding selection today.


Add The Details that Make Your Home “Pop”

Showcasing a bedroom with ceiling, crown, and picture moulding.Ready to make your home look amazing? The Moulding Company offers a vast selection of architectural and decorative moulding for every room in your house. With just a few pieces of wood moulding, you can take your home from plain to extraordinary-looking.

Leave a great impression on your guests with Victorian-inspired crown moulding, or create a picture-perfect profile on your home with door and window trim from our Sacramento and Bay area contractor supply store. Whether you’re working on an extensive remodeling project or fixing up a single room, we are here to help!

It can feel a bit overwhelming to see our enormous selection of different types of mouldings and try to figure out where to start. With our expert guidance, we take the overwhelm and uncertainty out of your project, so you won’t spend hours mulling over the thousands of moulding options available in our stores. Our experienced team will work with you to find items that work together to achieve the look you want for your home.

Are you working with someone else on your project? We can work with your designer or contractor to find just the suitable moulding for any project. Plus, we offer custom millwork from experts in the field, so if you need something unique, we can get it for you.

You’ll find we offer better service and more affordable pricing than your local big-box store, even with our custom milling options! And if you need delivery to your job site, we have delivery options.

Have a question about types of trim? Not sure what you need for your window frame? We are always happy to help at The Moulding Company! Contact us today or visit the showroom location nearest you to get started!

Why You Should Choose The Moulding Company

You deserve to live in a space you truly love, not just occupy because you own it. Making it your own through personal touches will make a house feel like a home. Wood moulding can change the feel of any room, whether you want to make it more serious-looking or more playful. At The Moulding Company, we’ve been helping people in the Bay Area and Sacramento choose wood moulding for their projects for decades.

In 1969, we began as a wholesale company distributing wood trim and hardware to stores throughout California. As wholesalers, we established relationships with local and international mills that we maintain today to bring the savings we enjoy directly to you, our valued customers. These relationships are why we can offer such an incredible selection at prices that regularly beat out other stores.

Large, In-Stock Selection

Large, In-Stock

Many big box stores only carry a handful of wood moulding options, so you're forced to choose something you don't love. We have a massive selection of in-stock moulding styles, so you're sure to find a style that matches your vision for your home.

Fast, Free Delivery

Next Day

It's frustrating to wait for what you need when working on any kind of project! Get your moulding delivered right to your home or job site throughout the San Francisco Bay area, Monday to Friday.

Knowledgable Staff

Competitive Pricing and Knowledgable Staff

We beat the big box stores on price and customer service. We buy direct from the mills and pass our savings on to you, and our knowledgeable staff is always on hand to answer your questions or help you find what you need!

Convenient Retail Showrooms

Convenient Retail Showrooms

Want to browse before you commit to buying? We provide retail showrooms to display all our patterns to see our selection for yourself! Our showroom helps you visualize how the mouldings will look once primed, painted, and installed.

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An image of a dark blue reading room with a hardwood floor with many examples of different moulding types available at The Moulding Company

Who We Are at The Moulding Company?

Homeowners and contractors alike have relied on wood moulding to increase the appeal of a home for decades. Whether to close the gap between the walls and ceiling left behind by slightly short drywall or make a window frame look more even, moulding is the aesthetic and architectural fix that can elevate the look of even the plainest rooms.

There is nothing more exciting than finishing your home improvement project, and at The Moulding Company, we've been helping homeowners do just that since we opened. Our dedication to customer service and a wide selection of in-stock wood moulding products at incredible prices cannot be beaten by big-box stores, and we are sure you will agree!

If you have any questions about our selection of wood moulding, we would be happy to help! Get in touch with us today, and one of our experts will work through any inquiries or concerns with you.

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