Matching Window Styles to Your Exterior

Matching Window Styles to Your Exterior

Selecting the right colors, styles, and designs for the exterior components of your home can be a difficult process. Here at The Moulding Company, we know that you’ll have to consider many factors when considering the overall design of your home, including blending your personal tastes with aesthetics that will remain in style and will be attractive to future buyers. Windows, shutters, siding, and doors, are all key components of your home that are often expected to last 20 to 40 years or more.

Choosing the right window and siding combination can seem a daunting task, leaving you with uncertainty about whether your choices will match and present the overall exterior look you’re going for. Luckily, with knowledge on your side, home design can be an enjoyable experience. Our team at The Moulding Company has compiled some advice on how to match your windows, shutters, and doors to your siding. Check out the tips below to help you make exterior home choices that you’ll be happy to have for years to come.

Selecting the right colors

Unlike painting a room of your home, replacing or repainting siding is a large undertaking, requiring more than just a paintbrush and a few hours to switch up the color. That’s why selecting the right siding and window colors, to begin with, is key. If you’re not sure which direction to go, looking at a neutral palette is a good place to start. Neutral colors like gray, beige, white, cream, and tan are staples of siding colors and provide a timeless, classic look. But that doesn’t mean they’re your only choice. Opting for brighter, colorful siding will make your house stand out on a block and could give it that distinctive flair you’re going for—just make sure you pick a color you won’t tire of in a few years.

If you’re interested in adding bright colors to your home but don’t want to go all in, selectively choosing to display colors on siding, windows, shutters, and doors are great places to have fun with new colors. With a more neutral siding palette as the backdrop, you can add pops of color with shutters and doors, which are more easily painted and changed than windows or siding. Contrasting colors are typically a better choice for shutters and doors because they allow them to stand out on their own instead of blending in with the siding. Even if you want more neutral colors for all components of your home, try something like a darker green or gray shutters next to beige siding or bright white doors situated within gray siding.

Choosing window, shutter, and door style

In addition to matching the colors between siding and windows, you’ll also need to consider the style. If you’re going for a specific architectural look, check out photos of other homes in that genre to get inspiration for your own window, shutter, and door style. Also, consider whether you want your windows and doors to contrast with the style of the house as accents or to blend in. If you have simple vinyl siding, you may want unique doors and shutters to add character to your home. If you have ornate cedar siding, maybe you want simpler doors and windows so as not to detract from the wood finish. And remember, if you need experts to help you along every step of your exterior design process, we at The Moulding Company are more than happy to assist you.Let us help you match your windows to your siding!