The Top Trim Designs for Your Home in 2018

The Top Trim Designs for Your Home in 2018

Is your living room window trim looking a bit dull? Do you want to add interest to your kitchen cabinets with crown moulding? Before you make any changes, consider these top trim designs for your home in 2018.


Intricate moulding may seem appealing at first, but when it comes to window and door trim, thin and simple is usually best. In some cases, thick moulding may overpower the space, so remember to keep scale in mind.

Also, crown moulding is ever-popular, but if you have a dramatic room with vaulting ceilings, you may want to stick with just baseboards. Otherwise, the room may appear too busy.

Contrasting Light and Dark

White or ivory crown moulding and baseboards look beautiful when contrasted with dark walls. Keep the ceiling light to prevent it from seeming lower than it really is.

While white is always a safe option, dark interior trim is everywhere in 2018. If you opt for this trend, remember to keep the wall colors light to prevent the space from feeling gloomy and claustrophobic.

Picture Rails

If you like the traditional look of wainscoting, consider giving it an update for 2018. Instead of ending it at chair rail height, extend it five or six feet above the floor and finish it with a picture rail. This creates a place to hang photos without damaging the wall. Some picture rails feature knobs that make it easy to suspend artwork on strings without using nails at all. To create a beautiful contrast, paint the wall above the picture rail a different color than the wainscoting.

Cabinet Trim

Think your kitchen cabinets are boring? Don’t pay big bucks to replace them – simply install crown moulding at the top to give them new life. This works whether the cabinets reach the ceiling or not.

Cove Trim and Lighting

A cove is an area that juts out from the wall a few inches below the ceiling. If your kitchen cabinets don’t extend all the way to the ceiling, the area above them is known as a cove. This is the perfect place to add lighting for a unique, spa-like addition to your home.

You can also create a cove in any room by installing crown moulding a few inches from the ceiling. Run rope lights behind the trim to create high-end accent lighting without undertaking an extensive renovation project.

Add Trim to Your Home in 2018

Installing moulding is an easy, cost-effective way to make it look more elegant and inviting. If you like the trim designs highlighted here, but you’re not sure where to start, seek advice from The Moulding Company. Our three showrooms in the San Francisco Bay Area are run by knowledgeable staff that can offer personalized recommendations. Thanks to our large stock of thousands of items, you can probably find the trim you’re looking for today. Custom milling is also available upon request. Contact us today at (925) 798-7525 to get your project started!