Rosettes: The Flowers of Your Home

Rosettes: The Flowers of Your Home

Flowers are a nice touch to any space in your home. They add color, style, a sense of comfort, and sometimes elegance to your room, and they’re beautiful to look at. Whether they’re from a sweetheart, your children, a store, or a field, flowers can liven up a space and serve as beautiful backdrops for any part of your house. For these reasons and more, The Moulding Company knows rosette block moulding is aptly named. Here’s why.

  Elegance and interest

Just like a beautiful bouquet of roses or lilies, rosettes add a touch of elegance and visual interest to your space. Rosettes are moulding blocks that serve as corner pieces for casing on windows and doors, and they can also be used for decorative purposes to break up crown moulding or other trim in your home. Rosettes are elegant and add a sense of hominess to any space.


Rosettes can be as convenient as living next to a field of flowers. Measuring and cutting trim can be a hassle, specifically trying to cut it for corners in a way that helps the pieces transition smoothly into one another. You have to know the angle, the direction of the cut, and the length of the piece. Rosettes are convenient because using them as corner pieces for trim eliminates some of that complication. Instead of having to worry about the angle and direction of cutting the trim to make them join smoothly in a corner, with a rosette you simply have to measure how long the pieces of trim need to be to meet the rosettes in the corners, and then make a simple, straight cut. Rosettes not only look great, they make installing and cutting trim a whole lot easier.

Subtle and soothing

Also much like flowers, the use of rosettes can add a soothing, calm presence to your room, whether it’s the living room, kitchen, or bedroom. They’re a subtle decorating piece, as well. Using rosettes, which are typically square blocks designed with concentric circles of varying depths on the surface, is a tasteful and subtle way to reflect your relaxed personal style in a space, as well as give it more personality and visual depth than plain trim does.

Pretty as petals

Rosette block moulding offers many benefits, from convenience to beauty to depth. Rosettes are versatile in their usage, and they can be used as corner pieces around windows and doors or simply to add some interest to and break up the monotony of plain crown moulding or trim. Their installation is simple, and they make installing casing and trim for doors and windows a breeze. The Moulding Company sells and crafts some of the most popular designs for rosettes in high-quality materials, so we know they’re as beautiful and elegant as flowers. See some rosette styles from The Moulding Company today.