Mouldings for a Modern Home

Mouldings for a Modern Home

In today’s society, modern style homes are much desired and a trendy way to reinvent or design a space. Their clean, sleek lines and use of black, white, glass, and steel are eye-catching and leave a strong impression on anyone who visits or lives there. Trying to find trim and moulding to match that style can exhaust you, though—there are so many choices! The Moulding Company has gathered some of the best choices for modern trim and moulding options to use in your modern home.

Traditional elements

If you’re trying to soften the aloofness of the modern design, there are some great trims that can do this. Bringing some traditional and classic elements into your modern space can soften the room and add a unique touch to a popular style. Simple, flat crown moulding or baseboards coupled with the use of light dentil molding or bead moulding can add a subtle homage to the past in your space. Dentil moulding uses a pattern of small square blocks, which can be found in older homes but whose straight lines can keep to and enhance the modern theme of your house. Bead moulding offers a more traditional feel with its pattern of round spheres. Its texture can add depth to a room that can feel shallow with all the clean lines being used, and it can be an unexpected but interesting visual element to spice up your modern space.

Sleek modernity

To really keep with the smooth lines, sharp edges, and simple design of your modern-themed room, picture rail or chair rail can add a visual touch of depth to the room, as well as utility. If you find picture rail or chair rail that is more square or rectangular in shape than spherical, it will help keep the theme of long, straight edges with the added bonus of practicality. Picture rail often comes with hooks to serve as a way to hang decorations, something that can be useful in your modern kitchen for utensils or pans. Chair rail typically streams around a room to prevent scuffing of the wall from furniture, which can be handy if you do have furniture up against the wall to increase the open, light feel of modernity. It can also give the room more lines for the eye to follow, and it will help increase the flow of the room while maintaining the feel of the modern style.

Modern moulding

Whatever you decide, it is important to keep the trim or moulding in a modern home minimal. You don’t want to overwhelm the space or cause the modern feel and theme to be overshadowed by busy trim. Clean, simple designs are appropriate for a modern space, so decorative trims like egg-and-dart should be avoided. Another important thing to consider is to keep the trim you do decide to go with proportionate to its surroundings. You want the room to feel balanced, so choosing trim that is too wide for your room or too narrow to offset it properly can ruin the effect you’re going for. Professionals like those at The Moulding Company can help guide you on what trim would work best in your modern home, as well as how much to use and how to keep it balanced. Find modern trims at The Moulding Company.