Flexible Moulding Options Explained: Half-Circle, Eyebrow, Elliptical, and Crown

Flexible Moulding Options Explained: Half-Circle, Eyebrow, Elliptical, and Crown

Moulding offers a beautiful way to smooth transitions between ceiling and wall or along archways while adding depth and decoration to your home. But fitting moulding made of wood to curved nooks or elliptical archways can make for a difficult design dilemma. That’s why we at The Moulding Company in Santa Clara, CA, suggest flexible moulding to make your life easier.

Flexible moulding is, as the name suggests, moulding that can bend and flex to fit tricky curves in your home. With the wide array of flexible moulding available, you can attain a cohesive, elegant look throughout your home without worrying about difficult arches and curved walls.

What is flexible moulding?

Flexible moulding is a polyurethane base moulding that mimics the look of wood moulding while allowing you to bend the material to curves and archways. These high-quality materials can be installed in a method similar to traditional moulding but can be manipulated more readily than wood to conform with wall and ceiling lines that aren’t straight.

Types of flexible moulding

Although flexible moulding provides a solution for a wide range of applications, it cannot be endlessly manipulated or bent to any shape. That’s why there are a variety of moulding patterns available to ensure you have a moulding solution that will fit your application. These flexible moulding styles include:

  • Half-circle moulding: Half-circle moulding is for covering the tops of archways, round windows, or other circular or semicircular applications. This moulding is ideal for accenting a partial archway above columns or a round window in your living room.
  • Eyebrow moulding: Eyebrow moulding is designed for archways in an “eyebrow” shape, which features vertical rise on either side of the archway capped with a partial ellipse arc.
  • Ellipse moulding: Ellipse moulding is for archways similar to eyebrow arches but with rounded corners. This moulding can soften the harshness of a more angular archway for a beautiful entrance between rooms.
  • Crown moulding: Crown moulding is installed between the ceiling and wall in your home. This moulding provides a graceful finish to the room and a counterpoint to the baseboard at the foot of the walls. The Moulding Company’s flexible crown moulding provides a solution for curved portions of your walls, whether convex or concave. When matched with our traditional moulding, you can create a seamless, finished look throughout the room or your whole home, without having to worry about irregular portions.

All of these patterns have limitations on how tight a radius they can be formed into, so be sure to inform your designer if you have an area with a particularly tight radius. The team at The Moulding Company can also help you select the right style and color of moulding for your space to help elevate the look of your home and create your desired aesthetic.

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