Columns - They're Not Just for Romans Anymore

Columns – They’re Not Just for Romans Anymore

The idea of columns may make you think more of the Parthenon in Greece than your living room or kitchen. But here at The Moulding Company in Santa Clara, we’ve seen how columns can also be a beautiful and practical contribution to your very own home.

Columns have the ability to create grand entrances into the next room, demarcate different spaces without hindering the openness of the room, or add character to a kitchen. They are also sometimes necessary load-bearing structural components, especially when developing an open floor home plan. Our team at The Moulding Company has compiled some advice on how to incorporate columns in your home and what type of column might be right for you.

How to incorporate columns in your home

If you need a load-bearing column in your home, first consult with the structural engineer you’re working with to determine where it needs to be located and if you have any flexibility. You’ll then need to pick a location and consider how your space will be arranged around it. Maybe you want to add a second column with a breakfast bar and stools between the two columns or maybe you want to build your kitchen island around the column.

If the columns are solely decorative, you have more flexibility in where you choose to position them. Some common choices for incorporating columns in homes include:

  • Entryways: If you have an open entrance between your dining room and living room or other spaces in your house, columns offer a way to demarcate the different rooms and provide a grand feel when crossing from one room to the other.
  • Delineating rooms in an open floor plan: If you want the feel of an open floor plan while still maintaining some distinction between the spaces in your home, columns offer a great solution. Two columns on either side of a kitchen island or with open shelving in-between are a great way to demarcate different rooms without hindering the open view between spaces.

Types of columns

The type of column you select for your living space will depend on the overall aesthetic of the room and whether you want to match the column with crown moulding or baseboards. There are three primary categories of columns, including fluted, smooth, and square.

Fluted columns are cylindrical structures that feature small idents running from near the top to near the bottom of the column, providing a textured, regal appearance. Smooth columns are also cylindrical but their surfaces are free from texture for a classic, sleek appearance. Square columns are, as the name suggests, square, with their straight edges making them great for lining up with kitchen islands or other flat furniture. The Moulding Company carries every type of column for your home as well as a series of cap and base sets to finish the look to your tastes. Ready to install stately columns? Call us today!