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It can feel upsetting when you have a home improvement project in the works, and you need to pause because something unexpected has come up. Whether you forgot to order that wainscoting cap you liked, you accidentally cut a piece of crown moulding too short, or you discovered an issue with your trim, The Moulding Company can help you through any home improvement hiccup.

When you’ve been in business as an American moulding company for as long as we have, you come to find that people often have questions about the same things. To make this easier on our customers, we have put together a FAQs page so you can easily and quickly find the answers to some of the most common questions we encounter every day.

If you cannot find the answer you need by some chance, please do not hesitate to contact us! Our customer service team would be happy to help you with anything you need.


What Is Your Delivery Policy?

We offer free next-day delivery on orders over $275 within a 50-mile radius of any of our stores. For orders less than $275 within our radius, we charge a $50 delivery fee. For delivery sites outside of our 50-mile radius, we charge a $200 delivery fee, regardless of the amount purchased. Please click here to view a map of our delivery radius.

What Is Your Return Policy?

We accept all returned stock items within 30 days of purchase if the pieces are not painted or cut. Unfortunately, if you have painted or cut any of the items, we are unlikely able to accept them as a return.

We offer two refund options under our return policy. We can refund your money through your original payment method, or we can keep the remaining as a balance on your account as store credit to use on a later purchase. If you have other questions or concerns about our return policy, please get in touch with us.

Do You Offer Custom Milling?

Yes, we do offer custom milling. We know there are times when the vision for your project doesn’t match any in-stock options, and you want something customized, so we are happy to work with you on any project, no matter the size. Our custom milling comes with a lead time of 10 business days. Contact your local store here for more information!

What Payment Types Do You Accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover) and cash payments for our products when purchasing in person at one of our locations. For online transactions, we accept all major credit cards for your convenience.

How Do You Properly Prepare Trim for Installation?

When installing crown moulding, chair rail, or other trim types, you should always prepare it before you install it. Regardless of if you are new to the process or not, we recommend watching our video to learn how to prepare our trim for installation. If you have any other questions about preparation before trim installation, please feel free to contact us.

How Do You Properly Install Windsor One Products?

We recommend visiting their website for our Windsor One products to learn how to install their material correctly.

How Do You Properly Install Kelleher Products?

We recommend using their installation instructions for our Kelleher products, which can be found on their website.

How Do I Keep My Moulding Clean?

Keeping your moulding clean will help it look beautiful for longer. When there’s dust, wipe the dust away from the moulding with a gentle microfiber cloth. If you notice your moulding looks a bit dirty or grimy, a mild cleanser and water mixture in a spray bottle, followed by drying the moulding with a cloth, should take care of the mess.

For more difficult-to-remove stains, scrubbing with the soft side of a sponge dipped in a water and vinegar mixture and then wiping with a dry cloth will usually get the job done. However—you shouldn’t use vinegar on painted mouldings. Scrub with only water if you are cleaning a painted moulding.

How Much Does Moulding Installation Cost?

Moulding installation costs can vary greatly, depending on who does the installation and how much labor is involved. If you install moulding yourself, the price will be less than hiring someone to do the installation professionally. Many factors go into the final cost of moulding installation, and you should talk to your contractor for a more detailed cost breakdown if you are not doing it yourself.

Do You Sell Closet Materials?

Yes, we stock closet materials such as poles, shelving, hinges, pulls, brackets, and all the hardware necessary for installation.

How Do You Keep Your Prices Competitive?

We started our American moulding company as a wholesale business, so we established relationships with local and international mills to skip the middleman and pass on our material cost savings directly to our customers. Because there’s no go-between, there’s no unnecessary markup, and we can keep our average cost down compared to big box stores.


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