Flexible Moulding

Bathroom with flexible moulding around window.Looking for moulding that works seamlessly around curved walls or archways? Flexible moulding might just be the perfect option!

Our flexible moulding is made from a polyurethane base that can be bent around tricky curves or molded to archways with tight radiuses. It’s made to mimic the look of traditional wood moulding, creating a seamless look you’ll love!

We carry flexible moulding for a variety of applications including baseboards, crown moulding, doors and windows, and much more.

Types of Flexible Moulding

We carry four types of flexible moulding to work with a variety of projects throughout your home.

Perfect for the tops of archways, round windows or other circular or semi-circular projects.

Features a vertical rise for either side of the archway, along with a partial ellipse to mimic an eyebrow shape.

Created for eyebrow archways that also include rounded corners. Perfect to soften harsh, angular archways.

Great for curved portions of walls – either convex or concave.

Flexible Moulding Order Form
Each pattern offers flexibility, but does have limitations on how tight a radius it can be formed into. Please contact us with questions before placing your order.

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