MC917 Kelleher Stop

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Note: Mouldings sold per linear foot (LF) are subject to lengths on hand. If special lengths are required, please contact our stores for an inventory check. Order the total quantity of LF desired and an order equaling that total will be assembled.

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A simple, classic take on window and door moulding, you can use Kelleher Stop Moulding functionally or decoratively. You can use this molding to keep a door from swinging through its frame or help hold a window in place. Because of its clean, contemporary look, you can add this stop moulding to any room of the house, and it will fit in with the aesthetic of that room. Kelleher Stop Moulding is available in one size of the species Finger Joint Pine?Primed (FJP). Select our 4-inch sample to see this moulding in your home before you commit to a full-length purchase. When you are ready to commit to it, Kelleher moulding comes in 8-foot and 16-foot lengths.