MC399 Tallac Chair Rail

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Note: Mouldings sold per linear foot (LF) are subject to lengths on hand. If special lengths are required, please contact our stores for an inventory check. Order the total quantity of LF desired and an order equaling that total will be assembled.

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Are you tired of the scuffs on your walls from people backing chairs into them and worried about the deplorable state of your wallpaper or carefully chosen paint? Want a decorative piece on your walls to add a touch of visual interest to your rooms? You can use Tallac Chair Rail Moulding for these purposes or simply to emphasize a part of the room you love. With its exciting profile, this moulding is sure to add some complexity to the look of any plain wall in your home. Protect your walls or up their appeal with our Tallac Chair Rail Moulding, available in one size of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). We have 8-foot or 16-foot lengths available for purchase or a 4-inch sample size if you?d like to see how it looks in your home first!