MC123 Autumn Panel Cap

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Note: Mouldings sold per linear foot (LF) are subject to lengths on hand. If special lengths are required, please contact our stores for an inventory check. Order the total quantity of LF desired and an order equaling that total will be assembled.

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This Autumn Panel Cap really lives up to its name. Autumn is a soft, transitional season that helps usher us into the winter after the blistering heat of the summer calms down. Much like the season brings summer and winter together, Autumn Panel Cap is a beautiful transitional piece that helps give the wainscoting in your rooms a seamless look. It is curvy and soft to the eye, so your space feels comforting and welcoming. The Autumn Panel Cap is available in one size and one species, Primed Finger Joint Pine(FJP). You can purchase the Autumn Panel Cap in 8-foot or 16-foot lengths. Unsure if this is the panel cap for you? We also have a convenient 4-inch sample size for you to look at before you make a full-length purchase!