Almaden Crown Moulding


If you want an elegant, ornate transition from your wall to your ceiling, Almaden Crown Moulding is the crown moulding for you. It’s eye-catching and unique, which will add a bit of intrigue to the room. Imagine this crown moulding in a beautiful library, with a large window and a seat for you to enjoy a book while it rains. Would you want to look up and see the crease where the wall and ceiling meet, or would you like to see a beautiful little detail that only adds to the room’s coziness?

Our Almaden Crown Moulding is available in one size and one species type: Primed Finger Joint Pine(FPJ). There are 8-foot and 16-lengths available. If you want to see if you like this moulding in your home before purchasing a full-length piece, 4-inch sample sizes are available.

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