Radius Corner

Have you ever looked at your baseboard moulding and thought it was missing a little extra “pizazz”? Do you dislike the seams you see at the corners of your modern base trim? Or maybe you just have some base moulding ideas that need a finishing touch? If so, let us introduce you to radius corners.

Radius corners are the perfect solution for finishing off your traditional or modern base trim. And we have several different styles that range from ornate to simple, making it ideal for any style of home. These cap pieces are affixed in or on corners to hide seams from your moulding but also to give it an even more finished look.

We have several radius corner options available, so if you’re unsure of what would work best for you and your space, give us a call or send us a message. Our team of experts will help you choose what’s best for your home or project.

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