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Exterior Siding

How to Add Curb Appeal with Exterior Moulding

Custom American home with blue and white exterior moulding accents
When you want your house to stand out from the others on your street, adding exterior moulding accents is a great option. This is especially true in neighborhoods where the same plans were used to build every house, so that…

Why Wood May Be Your Best Bet of Exterior Siding Options

Renovated home with beautiful wood exterior siding
A little while ago, we published a post here on the blog about when to replace wood siding. It’s true that while wood is a bit more maintenance-intensive as an exterior siding option, its beauty can’t be matched. When you…

When to Replace Exterior Wood Siding

Man working on exterior siding
Does your home have wood exterior siding? If so, you might consider yourself lucky. Unlike other common siding materials like aluminum and vinyl, wood siding boasts low thermal conductivity and high strength against the elements. When coated with appropriate paints…