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What Some Satisfied Customers Say

Some of these reviews were submitted on other websites. We are not affiliated with or sponsored by these websites.

From the first phone call to order product to the prompt delivery, the service was amazing and friendly. I would recommend them to anyone needing moulding.

P Pope

Hi, I just wanted to tell you that Santiago is awesome! I was trying to match moulding for a 70 year old piece of furniture in Maple and he was super patient, knowledgeable and friendly! So glad I found The Moulding Co. Thank you!


I ordered my baseboards and had them delivered next day. Great Service!

Penny Pope

You want high-end you got it. In stock and At Your Service even when you walk in. Astounding service !

Jason Ruth

Perfect! I am writing this review because I feel a tinge of guilt for how inexpensive their baseboards are and how wonderful their service is! They helped me complete my home renovation on time and for half the cost. These guys can't be beat.

Jason Dugan

This is a great place for anyone that is thinking about crown moulding. They have a great assortment and they will give you short samples to take home and think about. Their costs are very reasonable.` The quality was great too.

Steve Howell

Very fast and efficient. I brought in an old part of my crown molding and the very helpful lady at the counter saw me come inside and asked me to show her the piece. She quickly took me to a wall with every type of crown molding you could imagine and found my exact profile right away. She ordered my length and i drove around back and picked it up. Was in and out in 10 minutes. Great pricing, service and product! Highly recommend this place!

Tom D

I really am impressed with this company and their staff. Great values and service (they deliver too!)! I'd like them to post their prices on their online catalog; and that's the only thing I can criticize about them. Do yourself a favor, just call this company for anything molding.

Javier Echevarria

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