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Most of us are used to seeing moulding in our homes. It lines the floor and ceiling, encases the doors and windows, and sometimes divides a room horizontally. But are there other ways to use moulding? Some designers are thinking creatively, and coming up with ideas that are simply stunning.

  • Draw attention with a patterned wall. Arranging moulding in an unexpected way, perhaps in vertical or diagonal stripes, makes a focal wall far more interesting than a simple accent color ever could.
  • Frame your frames with moulding. Designate a gallery wall, creating a frame of moulding in which to hang a collection of framed artwork.
  • Divide a vaulted room. Putting moulding around the wall at the height of a typical ceiling can make a large, vaulted interior space feel cozier and more intimate. Add visual interest by painting this divider a contrasting color.
  • Make your color scheme the star of the show. Use different colors on the same wall, dividing the sections with moulding.
  • Give your cabinets the royal treatment. Make your kitchen look more elegant by installing crown moulding at the top of cabinetry. Don’t be afraid of drama: large, ornate moulding can make the space truly bold and interesting
  • Trim the inside of your window frames. Use moulding in a contrasting color on the inside of deep-set window frames, to give them a fresh, warm, finished look.
  • Use moulding to make a doorway stand out. Ornate moulding, incorporating features like corbels and rosettes, can turn an ordinary doorway into a work of art.
  • Moulding can take the edge off of a squared-off opening. Why settle for square, when you can have scallops, or scrollwork, or something else equally interesting?
  • Bring unusual moulding to the usual places. Your fireplace may be trimmed out, but does it use dentil moulding? And could you build out the moulding around your windows, to create a farmhouse feel and add interest to the room? Could carved moulding in the corners of your doorframes make your entries more noteworthy? Once you start thinking of new ways to use moulding, you may be surprised at all you can create.

If you’re ready to start looking for moulding that’s perfect for your space, The Moulding Co. should be your first stop. At The Moulding Company, we have a knowledgeable design staff and nearly half a century of experience to back us up. We even offer custom milling, for unique moulding needs. Visit one of our three showrooms in the San Francisco Bay Area to check out our large selection of internal and external moulding, learn more about us through our website,  or call us today at (925) 798-7525 for a free quote on your upcoming project!

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