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You can spend time, money, and effort on your interior design, but if your windows are bare, your space won’t have the impact you intend. Fortunately, regardless of your personal aesthetic sensibilities, there’s a moulding style that will complement your décor and give your windows the verve they deserve.  Read on, for inspiration in using moulding to your windows’ advantage.

  • Look to your home’s architectural style for inspiration. If your home is Victorian, for instance, consider a custom moulding for your window casing. For another classical home design, Georgian, Greek Revival, or Federal, for instance, an entablature might be the way to go, adding historical authenticity as well as visual interest.
  • Contrasting trim can make windows stand out. In a light colored room, framing your windows with a dark-stained moulding can be extremely eye-catching. Choose a stain that matches a focal point like built-in bookcases, and you’ve tied the room together beautifully.
  • Sometimes, less is more. For a modern look, try thin strips of moulding that barely conceals the fastening of the windows to the structure. This minimalist approach gives nearly clear sightlines that can show off a beautiful view.
  • On the other hand, sometimes more is more. If your builder skimped on window trim, it’s easy to bump out the casing and make it look more impressive. Farmhouse style windows are growing in popularity, featuring large mouldings around the windows, capped off with tall header that is elegant in its simplicity.

If you’re ready to start looking for moulding that’s perfect for your space, The Moulding Co. should be your first stop. At The Moulding Company, we have a knowledgeable design staff and nearly half a century of experience to back us up. We even offer custom mouldings, designed to your specifications. Visit one of our three showrooms in the San Francisco Bay Area to check out our large selection of internal and external moulding, learn more about us through our website,  or call us today at (925) 798-7525 for a free quote on your upcoming project!

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