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Having beautiful trim that has been well-kept and well-installed can make a large difference to your home. If you don’t have trim already, it can be hard to put your finger on why it seems like such an important thing and why you should invest in it. The Moulding Company believes in the power of trim, and we’ve tried to put into words some of the best things trim can do for you.


While trim may not necessarily increase the value of your home by a large amount, experts say that it does increase its saleability. Homes with clean, fresh trim that has been well-installed have been shown to sell more quickly than homes without trim or with worn-out or damaged trim that clashes with a room. If you’re planning on selling your home, updating or installing trim could help you get it off the market more quickly than leaving the old trim or no trim at all.


One of trim’s most significant powers is that of adding depth to a room. If you have a space that feels claustrophobic or cramped, adding trim in the same color as the walls can actually make the space feel larger, taller, and more open. Adding crown moulding to a room that already has tall ceilings can also amplify this effect and enhance the height of the room. Great trims can also make a room feel longer and accentuate an open floor plan.

Finishing Touch

Trim also makes a room feel finished and complete. Without baseboards, casing, or crown moulding, a room just feels slightly empty and unfinished, like it’s waiting for something. Having trim or moulding installed can make a room feel whole, and it also brings an undeniable sense of home to the space. Without moulding or trim in a room, your living area can feel generic. In addition, you’re missing out on highlighting the best architectural aspects of your home, as the walls and architectural design just fall flat in the background without trim to guide the eyes around the room.

Personality and Style

Above all, installing clean trim that is in the right style and design for your home and your tastes can help give that finished feel a personal touch. Finding trim or moulding that speaks to you and your sense of style adds an important aspect of customization and personality to your space so that you truly feel at home. Whether it’s paneling, casing, baseboards, or picture rail, the right type of moulding or trim can not only make your home look better, it can make you feel better about being there. Customizing a space to your personality is part of what makes a house truly feel like a home, and trim and moulding are subtle, but pronounced ways to do that while bettering the room.

Finding an Expert

These are just some of the great things trim can do, not only for your home, but also for yourself. From raising the (feel of the) roof to making a room feel complete and at peace with your soul, trim is a great, easy way to update a space without overhauling it. Finding an expert to help guide you through your decision or to install your moulding and trim choices if you can’t is an important step to making your vision a reality. The Moulding Company has experts onsite at all of our locations, and we would be happy to give you more tips or advice on what would make your room really pop. Groom your room with help from The Moulding Company.

classy living room with new moulding installed

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