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Trying to decide if wall paneling is a good design choice for your home can be hard. Maybe you’re leaning toward it but aren’t sure if you can install it, or you want it but aren’t sure if it’s worth it. Wall paneling is actually quite beneficial to your home, and to help you see why The Moulding Company has gathered some of the perks paneling offers your living space.

Easy Installation

One of the most off-putting aspects of redesigning or installing something new into your home is usually the installation itself. It tends to be complicated, tedious, or—if you’re paying someone else to do it—even expensive. Paneling, fortunately, has none of these issues. In today’s world, paneling usually goes together with a clipping system or tongue-and-groove system, so getting everything ready and installed is a breeze. It can be easier than the assembly of a children’s toy, meaning most people can install it themselves if they have the time to spare.

Different Materials

Another great plus to paneling is that it doesn’t have to be wood. More durable, impact-resistant materials are available for paneling, as well, such as medium density fiberboard and melamine. Both of these replacement materials offer flexibility and versatility, allowing for the use of more complex designs. MDF also allows for durability with more textures and patterns, while melamine offers stain- and moisture-resistant properties—some of the issues with wood paneling.


Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of paneling—and often a main reason people choose to install paneling—is the practicality of it. Wall paneling, because it is impact-resistant and made of durable materials, protects your walls from bangs, dents, scratches, and accidents, while also being able to hide unseemly cables or flaws in the wall. Replacing or repairing a section of paneling is much easier than repairing drywall, and it will need to be repaired less often than drywall because of its durability. It can save you buckets of money and loads of time if you have young children or an otherwise rambunctious household.

Stylish Design

Design and beautification of a space are also very common reasons to install paneling, and with all the different options available, they’re good ones. Paneling in any material can be found in a myriad of designs and styles, from classic and elegant to boisterous and playful. You can have designs on each piece of paneling, or you can choose to just have accent panels spaced evenly throughout the room. Some paneling can also have a textured finish if you want to add depth and an added level of interest to it. If you’re able to find the right place, you can even have paneling custom designed for your specific tastes and needs, bringing an unparalleled level of versatility and personalization to your home’s trim and moulding.

Plenty of Perks

These aren’t the only perks that paneling offers, but they are some pretty key ones. Paneling also delivers easy upkeep with minimal maintenance, and it’s easy to clean. It can be installed on many different surfaces, even uneven ones like brick, and it can add style and value to your home. Whatever your needs are, The Moulding Company has experts who are ready to help you choose the paneling perfect for your home. Speak with an expert today at The Moulding Company.

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