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Onlays aren’t talked about much in the design and moulding worlds, but with their versatility, beauty, and stylish designs, we think that’s an awful shame. When applied to a surface, onlays instantly magnify the beauty that was already there while adding an extra level of decadence to it. The Moulding Company knows onlays can be a key part of redesigning a living space; here are just three of the main reasons we love them.


One of the best things about onlays are that they can go pretty much anywhere. Though they’re often used in kitchen or bathrooms cabinets and backsplashes to add some flare to a blank space, they are great to use in other places, as well. Using an onlay on a piece of furniture can give that furniture a greater sense of elegance and interest, updating the most modest chair or chaise to an interesting piece that shines in the room. Onlays can also be fantastic additions to trim or moulding, making especially great additions when applied on pieces of paneling or sparingly used on crown moulding, and they are also handy for drawing the eye to a feature of a room you love, such as a fireplace or bay window.


Personalizing or customizing a space can make the difference between residing in a house and living in a home. Whether it’s with paint colors, the décor you choose, or the furniture you use, making a space feel like your own turns a house into a home, a haven away from the rest of the world. Onlays, being so simple and usually made of wood, make customizing and personalizing your living space as easy as gluing it on. They come in a world of patterns, shapes, sizes, and even colors, so you can find the one that speaks to you and use it to reflect that part of yourself in your home. Whether they’re used on furniture, your walls, or on your moulding or trim, onlays can bring a high level of personalization into a room with little cost and effort.


Sometimes when you’re building, decorating, or fixing something, things don’t always go as planned—you leave a gap in two pieces of moulding, you accidentally bang a dent into the wall, or you splatter a bit of paint onto an old fireplace that you’re scared to clean because of its old finishing. Instead of seeing these as stressful or displeasing eyesores, turn them into an opportunity to bring some unexpected flair into your home. With their varying shapes and sizes, onlays can be utilized to cover small dents, paint splatters, or even gaps, if they’re shaped correctly. Onlays can serve as standalone decorations, so if you’re able to find one that is the right shape or size to cover the mishap, it will look like you always planned to put an accenting feature on that wall, fireplace, or baseboard. While you might have to use two or three to make it a balanced pattern or look less awkward, onlays can be a fun and inexpensive way to cover mistakes without having to start over or come up with complex solutions.

All in all, onlays are extremely versatile, decorative, and customizable. They’re good ways to spruce up a room or old bit of furniture, or even to cover some small mistakes in your remodeling. With their various sizes, shapes, designs, and uses, they can be a key component of reinventing your space, and they are usually inexpensive and easy to apply. If you need some help with choosing the perfect trim to go with your onlay, check out our blog post “Discover which Trim Is Best for Your Home with Our Home Moulding Guide” for some great tips. To begin your journey to finding that perfect onlay for your room, check out the high-quality onlays available at The Moulding Company. We know you won’t be disappointed. Browse onlays today at The Moulding Company.

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