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Tired of your house feeling typical and drab, or just want to incorporate a bit of a natural element into your home? Wood paneling can make all the difference. With so many choices out there, though, it can be hard to tell which one would be the best option for your home, not to mention which ones are in style and will continue to be. The Moulding Company’s experts have selected three of the most popular, stylish wood paneling designs for you to choose from, and here, we explain the benefits and feel of each so you can make a well-informed decision when choosing one for your home.

Preciously Protected

Preciously Protected wood paneling has a host of calming, natural grays and deep charcoal markings in the wood, which will lend your room a serene feeling. Like any wood paneling, it brings a piece of nature into your home, and it will go perfectly with light pastels or deep, woodsy colors to inspire a soothing nature haven in your living area. Preciously Protected wood paneling is sleek and smooth without being intrusive, making it the perfect backdrop for subtle color palettes or modern décor, and its long-lasting beauty will leave you breathless for years to come.

Naturally Preserved

If you love the grays, tans, and rust colors of different natural woods, Naturally Preserved wood paneling is the right match for you. It has a rougher feel to it than the Preciously Protected paneling, making it perfect for cabins or rustic décor, and its wider range of colors makes accenting a breeze. With light tans, soft grays, and deeper rust-colored tones in the paneling, it still inspires that nature theme, but adds more color and emotion to a room than the Preciously Protected. Naturally Preserved wood paneling is the perfect complement to rustic county living, and it will pair well with the color palettes of bronzes, oranges, reds, and greens typically found in these styles of homes.

Bella Colours

Going for the natural, woodsy feel but want to add a little touch of personality to it? Bella Colours offers wood paneling in a broader range of hues, tints, and colors to make personalizing your nature-based space effortless. In colors like tree green, river teal, and autumn leaves, it retains the qualities of nature while meeting the needs of those who want more than just gray or tan wood paneling. There are also more natural colors available, such as textured wood brown and ash grey. All wood paneling options retain the natural wood’s look and texture under the tinting, so you don’t sacrifice the natural feel of the forest for the added benefit of color.

You can’t go wrong with wood paneling, but choosing the style and color that best fits your home’s décor and atmosphere is an important part of making a room really stand out. Check out our blog, “Find Inspiration from Architecture around the World” to explore some other styles we think you’ll love—and if you want some help picking out the perfect wooden hues for you, get in touch with The Moulding Company and our experts will be more than glad to help. Fall in love with the forest at The Moulding Company.

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