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When thinking about redesigning your home, columns probably aren’t one of the first things that come to mind, but they can be a fascinating and beautiful addition to your décor and architecture. Columns have several benefits and uses, such as helping to bring a room together around a focal point or accentuate an entryway. The Moulding Company has compiled a list of five reasons we think columns are cool.

They’re Greek

Ancient Greeks were a fascinating society of people that have left many incredible things to us, from mythology to food to great philosophers. Though you probably already know this, columns originated in Greece in ancient times, most famously on the buildings of the Parthenon and Temple of Athena Nike. Greece is still a beautiful country today with a lively, complex history, and it had a major historical impact on the way the world is today. The city of Athens has long been a popular tourist destination, and we think it would be neat to have a little piece of Greece in your home.

Structural Support

Columns were originally designed to be able to provide structural support to buildings without having to create walls. They use compression to hold up the roof of a structure, tapering at the tops to better bear the weight of the building. Columns can serve a similar function in your home, and they are often used to cover load-bearing beams in the middle of an open floor plan, with the column being built around the beam or actually serving as the beam itself.

Talking Point

Another great thing about columns is that, because they’re so rarely used in modern day structures, especially in the interior, they’re a unique feature to have in your home. This means that if you use a column in an interior space like an entryway or to mark the divide between kitchen and living room in an open floor plan, it will likely be an excellent talking point or way to break the ice when guests are over. Even if you use columns outside, they’ll still serve as impressive architectural features sure to garner some major compliments.


For as long as they’ve been around, columns have been a symbol of power, style, and refinement. They are elegant and dominate the space they occupy, but they’ve also always been regarded as the epitome of class and wealth. Columns are always trendy and are an excellent way to add some architectural depth and flair to your family’s home, and they’re sure to make your house the envy of the neighborhood—and your friends and family.


With all of this being said, columns are diverse in their uses and purposes. They can be employed to help the structural integrity of an outside covered entryway to give your home a regal front, or they can be used as the historical focal point of your home’s living and entertaining spaces. Columns also help the structural integrity of your home’s interior if they are designed and placed to do so, and they can bring the wonder and curiosity of ancient Greece into your household. Always in style, always a good choice, and always a breathtaking feature, columns are an almost foolproof way to reinvent your living space.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to use a column in your home, we know they’re good ones. If you love the Greek architecture represented by the column, try reading The Moulding Company’s blog post titled “Find Inspiration from Architecture around the World” to get more great ideas. Look at quality columns on The Moulding Company’s site today.

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