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When you’re thinking about redesigning, redecorating, or just making some practical improvements here and there, moulding should be high on your list of options. There are so many moulds and trims out there, though, that we know it can be a bit difficult to make a decision on which one is right for you and your household. The Moulding Company has put together some things to consider to help you choose the moulding that is best for you.

Your Style

As with any redecorating decisions, keeping your style in mind and choosing something that complements it is a major factor in how lovely the finished product comes out. The same is true when choosing your moulding or trim. For instance, if your decorating style has more of a classic Victorian feel to it, choosing egg and dart moulding or dentil moulding might be excellent options; they’re classic designs found in many historic, elegant homes and buildings. Choosing something like columns or bright and opulent paneling, though, might look a bit out of place and ruin the flow of the room. Now, if you like open floor plans inspired by different cultures, columns would probably be a perfect addition to your space, whereas the simpler dentil moulding might not leave much of an impact or do much to enhance your room’s décor and atmosphere.

Your Needs

The reason you’re shopping for moulding can also have a major impact on what you decide to go with. If you’re just looking to add some flair or elegance to your home, simpler moulds and trims such as crown moulding, baseboards, or bead moulding might better suit those needs. If you’re mould shopping for practicality and function, though, or to fix issues you’re having with your walls getting dinged and dented, there are excellent mould and trim options to meet these needs while still being stylish and attractive. For example, if your goal is to protect your walls from scratches and paint chipping, paneling is an excellent solution that brings elegant design into a room, as well. It protects the lower half of your walls, so if accidents do happen—and we all know theydo—it’s a much simpler and cheaper job to repair or replace a piece of paneling as opposed to repairing the actual wall. If your problem is more that furniture tends to scrape across your walls, the great world of moulding has a fix for that, too: chair rail moulding. This is a mould that runs around the wall at typical chair or furniture level and serves as a buffer to keep furniture from causing unwanted damage through scrapes or scoots. Similar to the chair rail is picture rail moulding, which is neat in that it has hooks evenly spaced along it so that photographs, artwork, décor, keys, and any other thing you can think of can be hung without punching holes in the wall.

Your Decision

No matter what reason you have for looking at mould and trim to install in your home, whether it’s to help your walls or help your style, the world of moulding and trim likely has an answer waiting for you to discover it. There are moulds and trims for any style and purpose, and they not only look great, they’re practical and affordable. To learn more about the benefits and gains of choosing excellent moulding for your home, try reading our blog titled “Why Investing in High-Quality Moulding Is the Right Choice for Your Home.” When you’re ready to make a decision or if you still aren’t sure what would be best, contact The Moulding Company, home to mould experts who are eager and ready to help. Let The Moulding Company help you make the right decision!

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