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Moulding can add personality and style to any interior or exterior space. However, finding the right type of moulding for your home is often more difficult than it may seem. Before investing in moulding, homeowners must take into consideration several factors, including the style of their interiors and exteriors, spatial constraints, and any potential finishing or sealing requirements. To help you make the right choice for your space, our home moulding professionals have put together this short guide on how to choose the right type of moulding for your home. Read on for more information, and contact our Concord, CA home moulding professionals at (925) 798-7525 for a free quote on your next project today!

Find Your Style

When choosing moulding for your interior of exterior, it’s important to decide on a moulding style that fits your home’s aesthetic. There are several types of moulding styles available to complement the many architectural home styles present today. From Traditional and Craftsman looks to Transitional and Colonial styles, there are a wide range of aesthetic choices to consider when finding the perfect fit for your home moulding.

Fit Your Space

In addition to stylistic factors, you must also take into consideration the spatial demands of your space. You want to choose moulding that will “fit” your space, both figuratively and literally. Since plastics are more forgiving than woods, plastic mouldings are often a better choice for surfaces that are uneven or crooked. Working with a professional is the best way to ensure that your moulding is cut perfectly to size.

Finish Strong

While some wood mouldings come pre-stained, most wood mouldings require applying a finish before installation. If painting, test the color before applying it to the moulding to make sure it’s really the one you want – there’s no going back. If you live in an area that requires extra weather protection, consult with local moulding experts about adding weather-resistant finishing to your home moulding. For high-moisture conditions, plastic moulding is often the easier choice since it is virtually impervious to rotting, warping, and mold from to water damage.

Always Opt For Quality

When investing in home moulding, you may be tempted to buy less expensive moulding products to save yourself a little money. However, skimping on product means lower-quality results and higher chances for repairs and replacements down the road. To help homeowners get the best for their homes, our home moulding professionals always recommend using the highest-quality moulding products possible to ensure longevity and optimal aesthetic appeal.

Interested in learning more about our moulding recommendations? Contact our Concord, CA home moulding team at (925) 798-7525 to speak with our professionals and receive a free quote for your next moulding project today!

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