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For such a seemingly simple detail, the moulding or trim that you pick can have a massive impact on your home and the feel of a room. If chosen well, it can accent the style and design of your home comfortably while making the space feel larger, but if you choose the wrong one, it can look awkward or out-of-place, and be noticeable in a not-so-positive way. In this blog post, The Moulding Company highlights some of the major impacts that moulding and trim choices can have on your home.

Design Elements

The design of your home and its interior décor are what create and hone the overall atmosphere and sense of welcome guests feel when visiting you. When you decide on a moulding or trim for your living space, it’s important to keep your personal style and the effect you’re going for in mind so you do not pick something that will stand out. You want your moulding and trim to go seamlessly with your room, to appear as if it was always destined to be a part of the space. Choosing the perfect moulding in this way can accentuate the other design elements of your home, allowing them to transcend their ordinary appeal to become part of one fantastic whole, from the windows to the décor to the flooring. Good moulding will also make the room feel bigger, lighter, and cozier, deepening the sense of home while adding a boost of elegance.

Architectural Depth

Beyond the design elements that high-quality moulding can enhance, well-chosen moulding or trim can add architectural depth to your home. Using moulding such as paneling, baseboards, or chair railing can draw the eyes to the best architectural elements of your house, such as doorways or alcoves, or it can add an architectural element to liven up a room that feels like a box. Well-chosen trim or moulding can add interest to a space that otherwise tends to feel bland, and it can be the perfect accompaniment to architectural elements like arches, windows, and entrances.

Affordable Practicality

More than just sprucing up the design or architecture of a home, moulding and trim are affordable ways to redesign a space without entirely changing it. Moulding and trim can also serve practical functions, such as reinforcing doorways and, in the case of paneling, protecting the lower half of the wall from knocks, scratches, and children’s adventures. It can turn gaps between a door and its frame into opportunities to decorate your space, and high-quality trim can add value to your home if you are thinking of taking out a mortgage or selling the property.

A Decision That Matters

If you do decide to go with moulding or trim to brighten your space and increase its value, it is important that you choose a design and type that fits perfectly with both your sense of style and your home’s architectural and design elements. Moulding and trim can add depth, light, elegance, and practicality to any space if chosen well, but if a moulding or trim is installed that doesn’t go with your home’s atmosphere or a room’s style, it can lead to a disjointed and uneasy feeling. Check out our blog post “How to Choose the Right Type of Moulding for Your Home,” and if you’re still unsure, The Moulding Company are experts at helping you choose the best option for your living areas, so you can rest comfortably in knowing you made an excellent decision.

View our moulding options today; we’ll find the perfect fit.

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