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Choosing the right trim or moulding for your home is a delicate process. Each trim moulding is designed for a specific purpose and aesthetic, and without the help of trained professionals, it may be hard to find the perfect fit for your space. To help out, our team at The Moulding Company has created this simple trim guide as an introduction to common trim and moulding products used today. Read on to learn more, and contact our Concord, CA home moulding professionals for a free quote on your moulding project today!

Chair Rail

Chair rail is as functional as it’s decorative. This interior moulding is applied to the wall about a third of the way up from the floor. Originally used to protect walls from damage by furniture, it is also used to achieve a certain aesthetic. This multifunctional moulding serves a decorative purpose by acting as a cosmetic barrier between two different wall coverings —- paint and wallpaper for instance. In addition to the traditional wood material, chair moulding is available in other materials, such as metal, polymers, and vinyl. This molding brings a sense of refinement and proportion to any room.

Bead and Pearl

While definitively different, bead and pearl mouldings are very similar types of trim. Both are distinguished by a row of small, symmetrical spheres and are typically paired with other designs, such as leaves, darts, or spindles. Pearl and Bead moulding are most popular for decorative applications, perfect for small projects such as cabinetry detail, adding simplistic touches making walls stand out a bit more. These beautiful mouldings give an elegant touch to your design with just the right amount of detail.

Crown Moulding

Also called cornice moulding, crown moulding is used to cover the intersection where the walls and the ceiling meet, typically over a large angle. Like other trim options, the choice of profile and size are almost unlimited. Crown moulding is special in its ability to soften the transition between wall and ceiling, as well as between vertical and horizontal plans. This type of trim adds a gentler and more elegant touch to the structural contrasts of a room.

Window Casing

Looking to give your window a unique, detailed look? Window Casing can do just that. Outside casings are typically installed to block cold air from entering your home by securely sealing the window frame. Inside casings (with matching baseboards and door mouldings) are installed to offer the room a cohesive look. Window Casing is a semi-custom approach to moulding, as each piece can be purchased, cut, and installed individually, allowing you to create the exact look you want.

Get Started On Your Home Project Today!

Once you’ve chosen a trim that works best for you and your home, it’s smooth sailing for your design project. Moulding that makes functional sense for your space, and has the decorative elements you love, will go a long way in completing both the exterior and interior of your home. To learn more about trim, or for a free quote for your home trim and moulding project, call our Concord, CA moulding professionals at (925) 798-7525 today!

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