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Finding your architectural style is not as easy as it may seem. You may love parts of one style, but may be unsure as to how you can apply them to your own home. You may love several styles, but may be confused as to how combine them. Or, like many who are new to architecture, you may love certain architectural elements and simply not know the architectural styles to which they apply. To help get you started on your style journey, our team at the Moulding Company has put together this simple guide to help you contextualize your architectural style preferences. Using considerations for living habits and stylistic elements as our markers, we have categorized several prominent architectural styles in terms of tastes we can all understand. Read on to explore our style guide to different architectural styles, and contact our Concord, CA home exterior professionals at (925) 798-7525 today!

If You Love The Roaring 20’s and Geometric Patterns:

If you love repetitive intricate patterns, and flashy, glamorous, and grand details, Art Deco is the architectural style for you. Art Deco emerged in the Roaring Twenties as the era’s defining style. Characterized by bold geometries and dramatic flourishes, this architectural style has lasted through the ages. Initially a luxury style, Art deco used new building materials that were manipulated into stepped, radiating styles perfectly contrasting with fluid motifs of Art Noveau. This unique style is for you if you’d like to permanently feel like you’re in the Great Gatsby!

Modern architecture is characterized by its low slung roofs, open living spaces, and spare geometric forms. If you prefer functionality over form, Modernism is your match. Rather than embracing traditional architecture, the modern style takes a more innovative and technologically driven approach to buildings. By using newer materials like iron, concrete, steel and glass, modernism is ideal for almost anyone who likes to look to the future.

If You Are A History Buff Who Loves Tradition:

Do you tend to gravitate towards traditional? Do you have a soft spot for buildings that are rich with history? Then Tudor style is ideal for you. This unique architectural style was made famous during the Tudor period of in medieval England. This architectural style is distinguished by its steep, multi-gabled roof lines, tall, narrow doors and windows, and massive chimneys. True to historic roots, a Tudor style home will make you feel like you were transported back in time to medieval England. If you are a big fan of comfort, traditional architecture, and brick, stone, stucco or slate exteriors, your architectural style is definitely Tudor.

If You Love Bright Colors and Elaborate Details:

If you are drawn to warm colorful buildings that incorporate a lot of detail, then your architectural style is Mediterranean. Mediterranean architecture is distinguished by its simplistic structure, ornate details, and typically romantic settings. The common rectangular floor plan and massive symmetrical facades make it easier to identify Mediterranean architecture from afar.

Want To Learn More About Architectural Styles?

If you feel like you have an idea for what type of architectural style you’d like to emulate in your home, but still want to learn more about making your idea reality, give our team a call at (925) 798-7525 today! Our Concord, CA home moulding professionals are here to help you discover and deliver your vision of home. Call us now to get started!

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